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Zamalek beats Ferroviero of Mozambique in the La Frolege Basketball Championship

The Zamalek basketball team defeated Mozambican Firavaro with a score of 71/55 in the first round of the Lavrollej Championship, which is to be held in Rwanda and will continue until May 30th.

Zamalek dominated the events of the match and the first half ended with the white team leading 34/33, so Zamalek continued to control the match, until the difference exceeded 10 points during the match, which ended with Zamalek winning 71/55, with a difference of 19 points.

Zamalek played the match on a list that included Anas Osama, Haitham Al-Saharty, Mustafa Shaal, Mustafa Kipo, Mohab Yasser, Omar Hisham, Ahmed Hatem, Islam Salem, Ahmed Yasser, Walter Hood, Chenmelo Elono, Michael Fakwady, Suleiman Diabate.

12 teams will participate in the tournament divided into 3 groups. The first and second group will go up to the next round, in addition to the best third of each of them, provided that the quarter-finals of the knockout competitions will be played.


The team list in the tournament includes: Anas Osama, Ahmed Yasser Modi, Mustafa Meshaal, Omar Hisham, Mustafa Kejo, Mohab Yasser, Islam Salem, Ahmed Hatem, Haitham Al-Saharty, in addition to 4 professionals who are Walter Hodge, Michael Fakud, Shinmelo Young, and Maluku Diabat, headed by Tariq Saeed.