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When should I enter the hospital because of the Corona virus ... Doctors in India explain

As India continues its struggle with the Coronavirus, with record-breaking daily case numbers, it seems that things are taking a turn for the worse, and amid the deteriorating situation, the Federal Ministry of Health has included warning signs and symptoms that can help those infected with the virus determine whether they should be transferred to The hospital, the Ministry of Health in India said, according to the "thehealthsite" report, that patients should be transferred to the hospital if their oxygen level decreased, or they suffered from severe fatigue or chest pain.

The site quoted Dr. Randeep Jolleria, Director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), that “Low oxygen saturation (less than 93), excessive fatigue or chest pain are warning signs that a patient in home isolation may need to be hospitalized and thus, These patients must remain in contact with the physician, and those at high risk and with comorbidities need special care.

The Ministry pointed to these signs and symptoms in light of the deterioration of the situation and the overcrowding of health facilities with the huge surge of patients with Corona virus and the lack of intensive care beds and oxygen supplies, and earlier, the Federal Ministry of Health issued revised guidelines regarding home isolation for mild and asymptomatic cases of Covid infection.

People with mild symptoms should continue to self-isolate

Under the new guidelines, the Ministry of Health asked people with Coronavirus to restrict themselves to self-isolation if they experienced mild symptoms. According to the report, mild cases include patients with respiratory symptoms or fever, without shortness of breath and more than 94% of saturation. Oxygen in room air.

In the second wave of the Coronavirus, a sudden drop in their oxygen levels was observed, and oxygen saturation refers to the percentage of oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood transported from the lungs to other body organs, and healthy levels of oxygen saturation above 94 are considered healthy, while the oxygen level is less than 90 is a warning sign that the health condition is getting worse, indicating that one should seek medical help.

Oxygen is an important treatment strategy for Corona, but its misuse is also an important factor, if your oxygen saturation is 92, 93, 94, 95 or more than 96, this means that there is an adequate amount of oxygen in your body (in the blood) and that the oxygen reaches Your organs. "