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The World Health Organization authorizes the use of the Chinese "Sinopharma" vaccine for emergency use

Today, Friday, the World Health Organization (WHO) authorized the use of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine for use in emergency situations, expressing hope that this will enhance the vaccine’s access to all parts of the world.

This step paves the way for the vaccine to be included in the World Health Organization’s global Kovacs program, according to what was published on the organization’s website.

The organization said that the effectiveness of the vaccine is estimated at 79%, although there are limitations in the data for people over the age of 60 years, because few of this age group were recorded.

She added, "There is no theoretical reason to believe that the vaccine has different safety characteristics in the elderly and young people." Therefore, "the World Health Organization recommends that countries that use the vaccine in older age groups monitor safety and efficacy to make the recommendation more robust."