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The Supreme Security Council in Algeria classifies the "Rashad" and "MAC" movements as terrorist organizations

The Supreme Security Council in Algeria decided in its meeting today, Tuesday, under the chairmanship of Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and Minister of National Defense, to classify the "Rashad" and "MAC" movements as terrorist organizations.

A statement by the Algerian presidency said this evening that President Tebboune heard during the meeting the interventions of the members of the Supreme Security Council, on the issues on the agenda, and discussed measures related to the opening of air borders and the conditions that must be met by travelers, while keeping the land borders closed except in case of necessity, provided that Detailed procedures are defined by an executive decree.

The statement said, "The council studied the hostile and inciting acts committed by the so-called (Rashad) and (MAC) movements, which are aimed at destabilizing the country and compromising its security, and in this context it took a decision to place them on the list of terrorist organizations, and to deal with them in this capacity. ".

The council touched on the latest preparations related to the legislative elections scheduled to take place on June 12, where President Tebboune expressed his satisfaction with the efforts made by state institutions to ensure that the election date is held in good and appropriate conditions.

It is noteworthy that the "MAC" movement, which is the "Movement for Self-Determination in the Kabylie Region," is an Amazigh movement founded in 2002, and calls for the independence of the Kabylie region from the Algerian Republic, while the Rashad movement is an opposition movement founded in 2007 and based in Europe, and is considered an extension of the front Islamic Salvation, the cause of the black decade, is prohibited by law in Algeria.