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The state's public treasury bears 5.5 billion pounds to support the National Authority for Egyptian Railways

Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, confirmed that the new draft budget includes allocating 87.2 billion pounds to the General Authority for Supply Commodities and 180 billion pounds to pay the annual installment due in favor of the Insurance and Pensions Fund, within the framework of the implementation of the agreement to break the tangles with the Ministry of Social Solidarity to pay the accumulated insurance funds dues through Half a century, in light of the Social Insurance and Pensions Law, and 5.5 billion pounds to support and develop the National Authority for Egyptian Railways, and the treasury contributes to the capital of economic bodies by about 13.3 billion pounds, to participate in laying the foundations for sustainable development, explaining that the government aims to maintain the average Sustainable economic growth and raising the efficiency of collecting public revenues, in a way that is reflected in the enhancement of spending on development projects aimed at improving the standard of living.


He emphasized that continuing to support economic bodies is consistent with targeting a wider segment of society to benefit from improving services and the quality of facilities, especially as some of these bodies manage the important public facilities for the state, in addition to supporting national projects that represent one of the most important development tools, pointing to the importance of concerting all Efforts to make the national integrated program for structural reforms a success in order to complete the reform process and aim to achieve the comprehensive development of the country.


The minister indicated that the financial allocations for public investments in the draft of the new budget are witnessing an unprecedented increase to reach 358.1 billion pounds, with a growth rate of 27.6% to ensure an upgrading of the level of services provided to citizens. Including translating presidential directives to maximize spending on achieving comprehensive and sustainable development.