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The Palestinian Ambassador in Cairo: Egypt has a clean and sincere hand in supporting our cause

Ambassador Diab Al-Louh, Palestine's ambassador to Cairo, thanked the Egyptian state, which he described as a "big sister," for all the material and moral support it provided throughout all the previous historical stages of Palestine and the Gaza Strip in the recent period.

He added, during his meeting with "The End of the Day" program broadcast on "Al-Nahar" channel, that Egypt has a clean and sincere hand in support of the Palestinian people, noting that Egypt has contributed and provided the martyrs, the injured and the prisoners and did not hesitate to stand by the Palestinian people.

 Al-Lawh asserted that Egypt stood by the Palestinian people and took the initiative to stop the aggression from the first moment, noting that what happened in Jerusalem and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood was the spark that unleashed broad solidarity.

He pointed out that Egypt is keen to build a just peace in the Middle East, and that the Palestinian leadership welcomes the Egyptian role in the cease-fire, and that the damage caused to the Gaza Strip this time exceeds what happened during previous wars.

He continued: "The road network, sewage, water and electricity have been destroyed by Israel, and now 70% of the Gaza Strip is without an electricity network, water and roads, and 100,000 citizens have lost their homes and belongings and are now out in the open without any necessities for life and we need urgent relief, and we call on the Arab countries to build on Al-Sisi's initiative and to mobilize Egyptian forces and allocate funds to save Gaza. "