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Sports information ... Learn about the difference between artistic and rhythmic gymnastics

Gymnastics combines strength, flexibility, speed and dexterity because it involves performing chains of movements in different devices. Each device has a series of different movements.

The history of gymnastics goes back to four thousand years, and some historians mention that it was inspired by acrobats in ancient Egypt, who used to jump and make movements that require great fitness, and some drawings and inscriptions on the walls of the pyramids and the discovered tombs indicated this. Men and women practiced all kinds of sport among the Greeks, including gymnastics, which became part of their Olympic Games.

Among the types of artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline and aerobics, artistic gymnastics competitions for men consist of 6 devices: the floor mat, the pommel horse, the jumping horse, and currently it is called the vaulting table, parallel and the barbell device, being in the field of artistic gymnastics. Girls in artistic gymnastics from the jump platform, the balance beam, the ground movements, and the different parallels

All of these types are practiced by both female and male sexes, except for rhythmic gymnastics, where it is practiced by females only and the most popular type is practiced in the Arab region.

Rhythmic gymnastics is a special type of gymnastics competition for women only, in which the player performs rhythmic movements in a graceful aesthetics to the rhythm of music while she holds a tool in her hand. They evaluate the player's performance and determine the points she gets, and the players are evaluated based on the agility and difficulty of the movements she makes, including the skill of launching and picking up the instrument, and the harmony of her body with the chosen music.