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Singapore closes schools amid high local cases of Corona

 Singapore has decided to close all schools from next Wednesday and switch to the home education system until the end of the semester on May 28, amid a sharp rise in the new Corona virus infections in the community.

And the Ministry of Education explained - in a statement today (Sunday), according to the local newspaper "Street Times". - That the decision applies to all primary, secondary and junior college students, as well as special education schools, while higher education institutes will convert more classrooms to the online learning system as much as possible until June 13, when the strict measures imposed on the country are currently due to expire, or until a further notice.

The new restrictions come after Singapore announced, earlier today, that it had recorded 38 local cases of the virus, the highest daily number it had recorded in months, as well as 11 imported cases from abroad.

In total, since the start of the pandemic, the country has recorded 61,585 cases of coronavirus and 31 deaths from it.