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Saudi Foreign Minister: We are working to reduce tension between Pakistan and India

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud said on Sunday that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will work to encourage the reduction of tension between Pakistan and India, and praised Pakistan's critical role in the Afghan peace process.

Prince Faisal said - in statements to Pakistani media - "With regard to the relationship with India, I want to commend the recent achievement of easing tensions and a ceasefire, as this is an excellent step in the right direction," according to the Pakistani "Express Tribune" newspaper on its website. .

"We will work to make sure that tensions continue to decrease between the two countries," the Saudi minister emphasized.

"We have growing good relations with India and I hope that through this approach we can help everyone work towards reducing tension," he added.

He explained that from the Saudi point of view, focusing on achieving prosperity for the people should be the main goal of all policies. “I think Pakistan has this priority. What the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has indicated is that there is a strong focus on being safe because that will provide The stability required for the development of the country's economy, "he stressed," This is exactly what must be done. We will of course guarantee any support we can do to achieve this. "

Prince Faisal also indicated that Afghanistan is very important not only for the security of Pakistan and its neighbors, but also for global security, "adding that Pakistan has a very important role to play in helping to secure the future of Afghanistan.

"Of course, we will work closely with our colleagues and the international community to make sure we are able to help Afghanistan achieve stability and prosperity," he said.