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Maradona's family demands that the medical team be charged with murder after the release of a shocking report

The family of the Argentine legend, Diego Maradona, has demanded that those responsible for his death be charged with "negligence and murder," which carries a sentence of up to 25 years in prison, after the medical report issued by the committee specialized in investigating Maradona's death after consuming a cocktail of antidepressants and anti-psychotics, Which mixed with alcohol and caused severe damage to his health cost him his life.

The Argentine newspaper "Infobay" indicated that after publishing the health report, the Maradona family seeks to change the complaint as neglecting a person and killing him, crimes that carry a prison sentence of 25 years.

Lawyer Mario Boudri, who represents Maradona's youngest son with his partner Veronica Ojeda, declared: “From the case, there is a clear and tangible manipulation of the whole environment with regard to the family and in the report of the Medical Council it is very clear that the doctors did not tell the family at any time about the seriousness of Diego’s disease. The situation after this report is dangerous because of the way they dealt with Diego's health and ends up sad because, unfortunately. "

Friends of Maradona, such as former football player Claudio Omar Garcia, agree with the complaint. "I knew Diego was allowed to die. They didn't take care of him because they should have taken care of him, and he didn't have an ambulance or respirator, when he left football and the people who love him, he started to be a different person. Football in Diego was all Something. Destroyed by the environment that surrounds it. They did not take care of it. "There are officials and we hope they fall," Turku Garcia said in televised statements.

Regarding the leakage of the medical report to the press, the Maradona sisters issued a harsh statement expressing their anger at seeing the privacy of our brother violated again. It hurts us to see some representatives of this case walking through the media as if it was a show and not the death of our lover. Who benefits from these leaks? Diego throughout his life has done many things for Argentines and today we just ask that his memory be respected.

The report revealed that Maradona, at the time of his death, consumed a cocktail of psychotropic substances to treat his addiction to alcohol, a series of antidepressants and antipsychotics or naltrexone, and all of these drugs were prescribed by his psychiatrist Justina Kozakov, and despite that he also drank alcohol.