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Learn about the results of the 22nd round of the Upper Egypt group in the second section

The 22nd round matches of the first group in the second section resulted in the victory of Al-Sharqiya for Dukhan away from its stadium in the last moments over Sohag with two goals to one goal, to raise its tally to 48 points at the top of the table, while Sohag froze at 28 points in seventh place.

In the framework of the same group matches, Minya maintained its chances in the competition by defeating Dairout by three goals against a goal to raise its tally to 41 points, while the balance of the loser was frozen at 32 in sixth place, and Al-Aluminum was able to achieve a victory outside his stadium on Beni Suef's phones with two goals against one goal to raise His score to 41 points in third place of the group.

Beni Suef also achieved a moral victory outside his stadium against Qena with two goals for nothing to continue in fourth place with 39 points, while the media regained the memory of victories by winning against Assiut Cement with a goal for nothing to raise his score to 34 points and rise to the fifth place, while all of Petroleum Assiut and Sumusta with a goal to match, and Keima Aswan defeated Shabab Qena with a goal to match.

It is noteworthy that there was a match held yesterday in front of Fayoum and Tahta, which ended with the first victory with six goals to two, to raise its score to 28 points in ninth place, while the loser's balance stuck at 15 points in the last place of the group.