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Know the right time to end the home isolation of those infected with Corona

Home quarantine means the time in which a patient who shows a positive result is isolated, by following all precautions and medical protocols. People with mild and moderate symptoms are usually advised to follow home quarantine, but what is the appropriate time to end the quarantine?

When should home quarantine be ended?

According to a report by the "Times of India" website, due to the nature of the symptoms and the incubation period of the virus (which ranges from 5 to 12 days), recovery from the Corona virus can take at least 14 days, but the home quarantine period for a Coronavirus patient can be ended if 14 has passed. At least 17 days after symptoms appear.

And patients with asymptomatic infection can end their quarantine 10 days after the first positive virus test, talking to your treating doctor or physician can help you determine the right time to end isolation.

The length of quarantine and the appropriate time to end it can also depend on the type and severity of symptoms. A fever is usually the classic sign of infection. If a person continues without a fever for 3 days and notices a gradual improvement in symptoms, it is considered safe to end the home quarantine.

Getting two negative RT-PCR reports (24 hours apart) could be a sign that a person has recovered from the Coronavirus and can end their home quarantine.

Can you transmit the virus after the isolation is over?

The viral load in the body ends after the infectious symptoms have ended, which means that the person is no longer able to transmit the virus to others, however for the sake of safety and general well-being, doctors advise patients who are isolated at home to continue for another 7 days of quarantine, wear masks and practice good hygiene and measures Preventive at home.

When is it safe to be around other people?

When a person is infectious or shows a positive test result, isolation is necessary.Anyone with corona can therefore follow basic protocols while wearing a mask and social distancing are still important.