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Gulf weather .. Cloudy sky in Saudi Arabia, waking in the Emirates, and hot in Bahrain

The Gulf region witnesses variation in temperatures, as Saudi Arabia witnesses partly cloudy skies with a chance of rainy thunder clouds.


In its weather report for today, the National Center of Meteorology expected thunderstorms to rain in parts of the heights of Najran, Asir, Al-Baha and Makkah, and partly cloudy skies over the regions of Medina, Hail, Tabuk and the northern borders interspersed with cells of rainy thunderstorm clouds, as well as The winds are active in the eastern highlands and the western parts of the Riyadh region, extending to the Qassim, Hail, the northern borders and Al-Jawf, which may cause dust and dust.


The National Center of Meteorology expects that the country will witness during the coming days wet weather in some coastal and interior areas, generally clear, partly cloudy and hot during the day, with the chance of some cumulus clouds.

the two seas

The Meteorological Department at the Ministry of Transportation and Communications said that the weather expected today in the Kingdom of Bahrain will be hot with the rise of dust, and it will be fine tonight.