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Greece is depositing its isolation today, opening museums and casinos to tourists

Today, Greece ended its isolation from the Corona epidemic, and lifted quarantine restrictions, after months of restraint and the battle of the epidemic blockade in Greece.

Restrictions imposed on travel and tourism between regions in the neighboring country have been lifted from Friday, and the curfew will begin after midnight, and stores will reopen following a strict protocol while maintaining distance between customers.

Museums and casinos will also reopen today, and kindergartens and nurseries will reopen on Monday without a self-test for children.

With the start of the tourist season, some rules have been set for foreign tourists, as all domestic and foreign travelers who wish to visit the islands must present a vaccination certificate, and the second dose of the vaccine must be received 14 days in advance.

Tourists are also required to submit a PCR test or certificate that has passed COVID in between 2 to 9 months.

During the month of June, citizens can hold weddings or other celebrations in the open air.