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Britain: 110 flights from India arrive in the United Kingdom since it was included in the "Red List"

British airports have reached nearly 110 flights from India since it was added to the country's red travel list due to the spread of the Indian variant of the Coronavirus and growing fears of its spread.

India was placed on the Red Travel List on April 23; But flights continued to reach the UK, despite the rise in infections with the Indian mutation from the virus that continued to spread across the UK.

A report issued by LBC Radio - and published by the British Evening Standard newspaper - found that flights from Pakistan and Bangladesh bordering India were also entering the UK without review, while regions that witnessed the emergence of new changes, such as Brazil and South Africa, banned flights.

This comes at a time when confusion has spread thanks to conflicting travel advice, which prompted British Health Secretary Matt Hancock to advise against all forms of foreign travel unless it is necessary, but Environment Minister George Ostis said that holidays can be spent in countries where travel is permitted.

The report found that 110 flights have entered the UK from India since April 23, and they expected about 8,500 passengers to travel from India to Britain in the future.

Among these, it was also estimated that 600 travelers to Britain from India may have contracted the Covid-19 virus circulating in India and about 300 of them may have had the variant or Indian variant.

Those traveling from Red List countries are subject to a hotel quarantine for ten days upon arrival in the country as they are regularly tested.

The British Department of Transport said: "We have adapted and strengthened world-leading testing and quarantine systems for arriving passengers since the start of the pandemic."

It will continue to closely monitor direct flights from a small number of Red List countries to see if the blanket ban is necessary and proportionate, according to the ministry.

"Public safety always comes first, however, we also need to consider other factors, such as helping British citizens return home safely," she added.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other ministers faced criticism for not putting India on the red list sooner after the country's coronavirus cases soared.

Many accused the government of delaying the travel restrictions until they could strike a trade deal with India that was recently agreed upon.

The deal is valued at 1 billion pounds and will potentially create 6,000 jobs in the United Kingdom.