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Blinken: Washington has asked for clarification from Israel about the bombing of a building in Gaza housing media offices

 US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced, on Monday, that his country requested clarification from Israel about the recent bombing of a building housing offices of media agencies in the Gaza Strip, stressing the need for Israel to ensure that civilians are not exposed during the ongoing operations in the Strip.

Blinken said, at a press conference in the Danish capital Copenhagen, "US President Joe Biden expressed his concern to the Israeli authorities about the bombing of the media building in Gaza, and stressed the need to protect journalists, and we asked for a justification for what happened," according to the US Today newspaper.

Blinken emphasized that "Israel has a responsibility to protect civilians while retaining the right to defend itself."

Israel has launched intensive air strikes on the Gaza Strip, targeting it with artillery shelling, since last Monday, killing more than 200 Palestinians so far, including women and children, and wounding hundreds. As well as causing massive destruction of the sector's infrastructure.

Two days ago, the Israeli army bombed a building in the Gaza Strip housing several press and media offices, including that of the American Associated Press.