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Barra the stadium .. Maryam Azab the karate player: I love Amina Khalil and myself to be a photographer

Apart from sports and competition halls, there is another aspect in the lives of female players at the level of individual or team games. This aspect is in which the players are stripped of the championships and titles that have been achieved at their hands, and through it they show their interest in their personal life and their hobbies, and the star of today in Barra is "Maryam Azab", a player. Karate at the Olympic Club, which is one of the most prominent stars of the game due to the many tournaments it has participated in at the junior and youth levels, and it also shines in terms of elegance and elegance outside the competition halls.

What is your favorite hobby apart from sports?

Reading of all kinds.


What food do you excel in cooking?

Easy and simple risotto pasta and pane.

Who is your favorite star?

Amir Karara


Who is your favorite singer?

The Amr Diab plateau


If you weren't a player, what would you wish for?


A photographer


When are you back in the street ... Can you use violence or not?


Depending on the situation, each action has a certain reaction.


Who of the movie stars would you like to be like?

Amina Khalil.


Do you like casual or formal clothes?


Casual, of course, because it is easy.


Do you prefer to marry an athlete, and is it not a condition


Athletic in general.


If you are asked to leave the sport, what is your position?

You will discuss with him and convince him that this is my future and he will understand that he will be a sportsman.