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Austria decides to cancel the quarantine of those coming from abroad, starting from Wednesday

Austria decided to cancel the quarantine requirement for those entering it, starting tomorrow, Wednesday, and accept travelers to prove that they have received the vaccine, recover from the virus, or take a medical test instead.

Austrian Health Minister Wolfang Mokstein said - in statements today, Tuesday, that the number of injuries is declining in many countries; Therefore, Austria can facilitate the entry of people to it in parallel with the opening steps in the country.

The minister pointed out that all vaccines that have been approved by the Medicines Agency of the European Union, or that have successfully passed the evaluation of the World Health Organization, will be recognized.

The minister stated that when the arrival is from high-infection areas, then quarantine must be taken, and due to the mutation of the virus in some countries, more stringent rules will be applied, while there is no quarantine for those coming from countries with low infection rates.

The minister explained that the countries with low infection rates, most notably Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland and France.

The minister added that entering the country from very dangerous countries due to virus mutations will be very limited and according to strict restrictions.