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At least two people were killed and others wounded in a series of attacks in Burundi

At least two people were killed, and several others were wounded in a series of near-simultaneous attacks that targeted popular sites in Bujumbura, which is the economic capital of Burundi.

In a tweet on the social networking site "Twitter" - according to Radio Africa 1 today, Wednesday, the Burundian Ministry of Interior condemned the terrorist acts and the throwing of hand grenades, which resulted in the killing of two people, explaining that one of the attackers was injured while throwing a grenade, without Give more details about their number or mode of operation.

She added that the wounded were transported to health care facilities, and an investigation was opened, noting that the attacks occurred in particular at Kotepo bus stations in the Ngagara area and in Permanence in Boynzi, as well as near the "Plaza" hall in " Rohiro. "

For their part, eyewitnesses confirmed that the army and police deployed hundreds of heavily armed men in the streets of "Bujumbura" and arrested dozens of people.

A senior security official - who was not identified - said that the attacks coincide with the convening of the 51st meeting of the United Nations Standing Advisory Committee on Security Issues in Central Africa, which opened on Tuesday in Bujumbura and will continue until next Friday.

These attacks, for which no party has claimed responsibility, came after several ambushes were set up by "armed bandits" in the capital, Burundi, where at least 12 people, including a senior army officer, were killed in early May in an ambush by an unidentified armed group in " Muramvya "in the center of the country.