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An American study: Using aspirin without consulting a doctor threatens your health

A study issued by Duke University found that taking specific doses of aspirin is a safe and effective step to prevent additional heart problems and strokes, according to the Medical Express website.

The researchers pointed out that taking low-strength or regular aspirin, in the form of two doses, reduces the risk of heart problems and strokes, with warnings step by step to taking high doses of aspirin, which leads to many complications.


The study warned that there is no specific reason for taking a dose higher than 325 mg of aspirin, which helps prevent blood clots, but it is not recommended for healthy people who have not yet developed heart disease because it has a risk of bleeding.


The study showed aspirin's health benefits for people who had already had a heart attack or blocked arteries that required a stent, but with specific doses.

The study relied on an analysis of data for about 15,000 people, to take a low or regular dose of aspirin, which was taken without a prescription, as it was found that a large proportion of them were already taking a low dose without consulting the doctor.


The results found that the patients' use of low or high dose aspirin without a prescription resulted in the death of about 7% of the study participants, and led to some hospitalization due to a heart attack or stroke, while about 1% suffered from severe bleeding.


The study recommended the need to avoid taking aspirin without a prescription, adding: "Patients should not make decisions about their use by themselves, and decisions about changing aspirin dosages should not be made without consulting the doctor."