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An American institute develops a new vaccine for Corona virus that protects against all variants

Amid the ongoing health crisis in India due to the second wave of the Corona virus, American scientists have reached a new vaccine for the Corona virus that may help individuals to stay safe from the Corona virus and its mutations, according to TheHealthSite.

The site said that scientists have developed a potential new vaccine that has proven effective against the original Corona virus and its variants in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil.

The site added the second, fierce wave of the Corona virus swept India, and with the increase in the number of daily cases of Coronavirus, the medical infrastructure collapsed, as the country is witnessing a tremendous scarcity of beds and oxygen, and Corona vaccines were introduced in India a few months ago, and according to reports, there is a shortage of vaccines as well. , At a time when the country is fighting the biggest battle for health care, and the study published in the journal Nature stated that a new vaccine, called the Coronavirus Comprehensive Vaccine, was effective in protecting monkeys and mice.

How does the new Corona vaccine work?

The comprehensive corona virus vaccine neutralizes the antibodies via a "very small" nanoparticle, and the nanoparticles consist of the part of the Corona virus that allows them to bind to the receptors of the body's cells, and they are formulated using a chemical strengthening material called an adjuvant, and the researchers also mentioned that the nanoparticle vaccine, In monkeys, infection with the Coronavirus was 100% prevented, and the new vaccine also caused significantly higher equivalent levels in animals compared to current vaccine platforms or natural infection in humans.

Chief author Barton Heinz, director of the Duke Institute for Human Vaccines in the United States of America, said: "We started this work last spring on the understanding that like all viruses, mutations will occur in the Corona virus, explaining that vaccines based on mRNA technology were already under development, so we were We are looking for ways to maintain its effectiveness once those variables emerge. “This approach not only protected against the Coronavirus, but neutralized the worrisome variants that arose in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil.”

Heinz added that the new antibodies interacted with a large group of corona viruses.

The website said the team relied on previous studies that included SARS, the respiratory disease caused by the Coronavirus, and found that a person with SARS developed antibodies capable of neutralizing multiple corona viruses, indicating that a comprehensive Corona virus may be possible.