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All you need to know about the first mobile gas fueling station

After the petroleum sector announced last weekend the actual operation of the first mobile station in Egypt and the Middle East region for supplying cars and vehicles with compressed natural gas, to begin providing its services by being in the public's movement areas, we publish the most important information related to it, which was as follows.


s. What is the importance of operating mobile terminals for supplying cars and vehicles with compressed natural gas?


C. This comes within the framework of the petroleum sector's keenness to provide new outlets to provide car supply service with natural gas, along with the supply stations currently being expanded in the governorates and cities of the Republic according to an ambitious work program.


Q: What is the most important feature of the mobile car fuel station?


A. This station is distinguished by its readiness to supply cars, with a capacity of 500 cars every 12 hours, which increases to 1000 cars per day with refilling.


Q: Is there a plan to establish mobile gas fueling stations?


C- This station is considered the first nucleus of the mobile stations project for supplying cars with natural gas, as procedures for providing 10 new mobile stations are being proceeded to be deployed in different areas to meet the needs of the public, especially the areas where the service of natural gas stations for cars is not present, including the seasonal consumption areas such as tourist areas, resorts and others. .


Q: Is it possible to use the transport stations for industrial and commercial facilities?


C. The capabilities of this station to transport and store quantities of gas up to 5000 cubic meters make it also usable in supplying industrial and commercial facilities, as well as in emergency situations and maintenance of gas networks and stations.