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Al-Maqsas refuses to punish his players after losing Enppi and Vanguards of the Army

The officials of the Maqasa Club refused to impose financial penalties on the first team players, after the last two losses in the league competition from the Enppi and Al-Jaish teams, considering that the team suffered a decline in performance, and there is no concern for the Fayoumi team so far.

A clearing source explained that the administration refuses to impose financial penalties on the players, especially since the two losses were at the beginning of the second round, and there is ample time for the players to compensate for the loss of points.

The source stressed that the administration did not speak with the technical staff about penalizing the players, and that the issue was not discussed in the first place, and hopes that the results will improve in the coming period.

And he lost the clearing of Enppi with two clean goals, before losing one of the Al-Jaysh vanguards again with the same score.

The Maqasa team is preparing to face Al-Masry next Sunday at Alexandria Stadium, in the Egyptian Premier League competitions.