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A fire broke out at an oxygen cylinder plant in central Baghdad, Iraq

Today, Saturday, the Civil Defense Directorate announced that a fire broke out inside a factory containing oxygen cylinders in central Baghdad.

In a statement reported by Alsumaria News, the directorate stated that its teams controlled a fire incident that broke out inside a 300-meter steel works factory constructed of banco panels containing large quantities of oxygen cylinders for industrial use in Bab al-Muadam area in central Baghdad.

The statement indicated that the civil defense teams cordoned off the fires and removed the danger from the oxygen cylinders in anticipation of their explosion due to the heat, and the accident was extinguished after carrying out direct intrusions and the fire ended in a record time that prevented any injuries or human losses while minimizing the material damage, explaining at the same time that the cause of the accident It was the result of a short circuit inside an electrical point in the laboratory.