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9 months in prison for a Spanish woman who insulted a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf in "Cantabria"

The Cantabrian public prosecutor requested a 9-month prison sentence and a fine of 2,400 euros for a Spanish woman for hate, harassment and insulting another person, as she insulted a Muslim woman wearing the Islamic veil in the Sardinero area in Cantabria.

The European Press agency said that the Muslim woman was wearing the hijab and walking in the street, pushing the cart of her 14-month-old nephew, and the accused addressed her, saying to the infant, "Fortunately, you are a boy ... if it were not like this .. you would wear this mysterious scarf." The Muslim woman said, "Go to your country ... Either you take off this scarf that you wear on your head..or leave ... a dirty look."

Then, the defendant approached three young men who were sitting on a nearby bench and making gestures like wearing a handkerchief, and he told them, “These come here and they want to invade us and impose a veil on us, and we cannot allow that.”