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6 steps for diagnosing chest and respiratory pain

Many people suffer from pain in the chest area without knowing the cause of the pain, and here it is difficult for a person to know the cause to go to treatment, except after consulting specialized doctors to search for the source of the pain and treat it quickly before complications occur that harm human health, and according to the "health line" medical website, there are many It is one of the types of pain in the chest area that many people feel, and it varies between heart, chest, or respiratory disease, and there are criteria for diagnosing pain and knowing its causes in order to reach the correct diagnosis.

1- Characteristics of the pain.

2- EKG or EKG effort.

3- Ultrasound scanning the heart muscle.

4- Multiple dye CT scans are performed on the entire chest area.

5- Diagnostic catheter.

6- The state of cardiac enzymes to diagnose thrombosis.

The report stated that access to the correct diagnosis of infection helps to recover quickly from the disease, as heart and coronary diseases are different from chest or respiratory diseases, or the bones of the chest cage.

The report pointed out that there are common causes that may cause injury to the chest area and not necessarily the presence of a chronic disease for feeling pain, such as exposure to psychological stress, severe tension, sadness, or constant thinking strongly throughout the day, all of which cause accidental pain in the body.