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19.4 billion pounds are investments for education projects during 2021/2022

The state raises the slogan of building the Egyptian human being, which is one of the most important priorities of the state, so that the Egyptian state realizes that developing education has become an imperative to achieve sustainable development.


Building the Egyptian people is based on the advancement of the education and health systems, as they are of the utmost importance for the Egyptian society to remain strong and cohesive.


The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development announced that there is a growth in investments directed to education projects by 25%, reaching 19.4 billion during the next fiscal year, in addition to the growth of investments directed to university education projects by 11% to reach 22 billion pounds during 21/2022.


A recent report by the Ministry of Health stated that one of the most important initiatives in the education sector, which includes the digital transformation initiative in the education system, to enhance the ability of educational institutions to continue the educational process efficiently and with high quality, in light of the state’s plan to live with the repercussions of the "emerging corona" virus, with funds of 5.7 billion pounds 4.7 billion pounds for pre-university education and 1 billion pounds for university education.


The report indicated that the initiatives include expanding the establishment of public universities with the aim of providing higher education services without discrimination by providing at least one public university in every governorate with funds amounting to 1.5 billion pounds to complete 3 universities in Matrouh, New Valley and Luxor, and establishing 2 new universities in South Sinai and Hurghada.


The report continued that education initiatives include expanding the establishment of private universities to provide distinguished educational services that attract Egyptian and foreign students, especially for middle income groups, with credits of EGP 4.8 billion to establish 16 universities, and the initiative to expand the establishment of technological universities with the aim of linking the higher education system with the requirements of the labor market, through the establishment of Universities linked to the industrial map in the governorates, with funds amounting to 2.2 billion pounds, indicating that the overall goals include establishing and operating 9 universities.