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The White House offers companies tax incentives to encourage them to vaccinate their employees

The American "Associated Press" agency said that the White House is trying to overcome the decline in demand for doses of Corona vaccines, by providing a tax incentive to companies to give employees paid leave to obtain vaccination. The move comes as the United States prepares to achieve President Joe Biden's goal of providing 200 million doses of the Coronavirus in his first 100 days in office.

The agency said that more than 50% of adults in the United States have been vaccinated at least the first dose, while about 28 million doses of the vaccine are delivered each week. But over the past week, the pace of vaccination in the United States has slowed slightly. This is partly a reflection of the disruptions caused by the "pause" in the introduction of the J&J vaccine for safety review, but also of a decline in interest in vaccines in many places despite the vaccination door open to all those over the age of 16.

As the vaccination program progresses, the administration believes it will become increasingly difficult to maintain the current pace of around 3 million doses per day. And nearly 130 million Americans have yet to receive a single dose.

In a speech at the White House on Wednesday, Biden discussed efforts to expand vaccine distribution and access in his first three months in office, and outline his administration's latest plans to incentivize more Americans to get vaccines.

Surveys have shown that the percentage of people applying for the vaccine has decreased, but administration officials believe they should make vaccination easier and more attractive, especially for younger Americans who are less at risk of the virus and do not feel the same urgency to get it. This means providing incentives and encouragement to get the vaccine, as well as removing obstacles to the vaccination process.

Biden announced the launch of a small business tax credit to provide paid leave for those who are vaccinated or who may need time off to recover from side effects. Payment will be made from the $ 1.9 trillion relief package passed last month, and the tax stimulus will provide a balance of up to $ 511. Per employee per day for companies employing fewer than 500 workers to ensure that these workers or companies are not subjected to punishment when getting vaccinated.

The White House also calls on larger employers, who have more resources, to offer the same benefits to their employees, and to conduct vaccination education and promotion campaigns so that their workers get vaccinated.

According to the White House, only 43% of working adults have received at least one dose.