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The Pope of the Vatican in a message to Aoun: Lebanon can neither lose its identity nor the experience of brotherly life

Pope Francis, Pope of the Vatican, sent a letter to the President of Lebanon, General Michel Aoun, in which he said that Lebanon cannot lose its identity, nor the experience of brotherly living together that made it a message to the whole world. According to a press release of the presidential palace.


In his message, the Pope added, "I hope that my visit to Lebanon and its beloved people will be realized." He also affirmed his warm prayers over the intention of the Lebanese to preserve courage and hope in the ordeal they are going through.


The Pope expressed his thanks for the book of congratulations on the occasion of the eighth year of his Pontificate, and the letter sent by President Aoun to him after his visit to Iraq, which included an official invitation to the Holy Father to visit Lebanon.

Pope Francis prayed to God to help President Aoun and the political officials to work relentlessly for the common good in the Land of the Cedars. "


The Pope concluded his message by saying: "I entrust your dear nation to protect our Lady of Lebanon, asking the Prince of Peace to bless you and preserve Lebanon and all its children."


The Prime Minister-designate of Lebanon, Saad Hariri, visited the Vatican recently and met the Pope and explained to him the problems that Lebanon suffers from and asked his Holiness for help, "affirming the Pope's keenness to coexist in Lebanon as he looks at the Lebanese as one body and a message from which moderation and one coexistence emerge. According to the official Twitter account of Saad Hariri.

Hariri added that the French initiative is still in place, and I think that the Vatican knows more than everyone the basis of the problem in Lebanon, and what is happening in Lebanon is that there is a team that wants a free economy, and another team wants to put its hand on electricity and others and wants to work with a party. An economical one.

Regarding the upcoming visit of the Vatican to Beirut, Hariri said: "The Pope said that he will visit Lebanon, but after the new government is formed."