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Minister of Planning: We aim to increase exports of crops and agricultural industries to 25% in 2024

Dr. said. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, said that the strategic objectives of the agricultural sector are to increase the sector’s contribution to the GDP to reach 12% in 2024, increase agricultural productivity by about 30%, create new job opportunities and increase the incomes of small farmers from 430-530 thousand job opportunities. New by 2024.


The Minister of Planning confirmed during her speech at the press conference regarding the release of Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbouly; Today, the National Program of Structural Reforms; The second phase of the National Program for Economic and Social Reform, in the presence of the Minister of Planning, the Ministers of Finance, Trade and Industry, Agriculture, Communications and Information Technology, and the Public Business Sector, that the goals also include increasing exports of crops and agro-industries and doubling the share of the agricultural sector in exports to reach 25% in 2024 , While ensuring the achievement and sustainability of food and water security and improving Egypt's ranking in the Global Food Security Index from 60 to 50 out of 113 countries.


Dr. explained. Hala Al-Saeed said that the objectives of the agricultural sector include increasing the productivity of the sector and improving its competitiveness, achieving food and water security, while increasing agricultural exports, creating new job opportunities and increasing the incomes of small farmers, in addition to enforcing contractual agriculture agreements, establishing logistic centers complexes, and maximizing the monetary value per cubic meter, And restructuring cooperatives, expanding support, establishing and activating the role of agricultural societies, as well as modernizing the Agriculture Law promulgated in 1966.


The Minister of Planning and Economic Development affirmed that the quantitative targets of the agricultural sector are to support small farmers through the integration of efforts and interdependence and the expansion of initiatives to support them and enhance their marketing capacity, referring to the project to strengthen the marketing capabilities of small farmers, which aims to improve the standard of living and contribute to reducing poverty rates in rural areas. For the target groups in the project work areas (7 governorates), and the project targets smallholders (less than 3 acres), those without land, female breadwinners, unemployed youth, and owners of small and medium enterprises.