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Low platelet count and dry mucous membranes are new symptoms of corona infection

Recognizing the latest symptoms of infection with the Coronavirus is necessary because ignoring the vital signs can be a danger to the infected person, and extreme fatigue and a sudden decrease in the number of platelets are among the symptoms of Corona in the early stages.

According to a time now news report, there are symptoms that you should pay attention to when they appear, most notably kidney fatigue and fatigue, as it is now one of the symptoms of infection with the Coronavirus.

According to the report, a sudden decrease in the number of platelets, along with fever, shortness of breath, and dry mucous membranes are also symptoms of catching a corona infection, which is also accompanied by an unexplained feeling of weakness and fatigue even in young people who are very fit and who exercise strenuous sports or exercise in their daily life. .

What should a person do when feeling tired?

If you suffer from an itchy throat, and a fever accompanied by feeling tired or exhausted, this should be treated as an indication that you should now isolate yourself so that you do not pass it on to others in the family or community.

You should consult your doctor immediately and watch for some changes that you may be asked to report.

Isolation until you are sure that you do not carry Corona infection.


Watch out for other symptoms and signs:

In most cases the fever subsides, and other problems such as weakness and body aches begin to subside.

Look for other red signs to decide if the patient is okay staying home and having a fever by isolating at home, or going to the hospital.

Measuring pulse, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level several times a day.

According to Harvard University, people with corona can also have neurological symptoms, digestive symptoms, or both. These symptoms may occur with or without respiratory symptoms.

Experts also warn that the Corona virus affects brain function in some people, and specific neurological symptoms that appear in people with Corona include loss of sense of smell, inability to taste, muscle weakness, tingling or numbness in the hands and feet, dizziness, confusion, delirium, seizures, and stroke.

Weakness can also be due to a low platelet count or a condition called thrombocytopenia.