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British newspaper: Johnson is charged over his statements of "body accumulation" rather than closure

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been accused of saying at a meeting that he would rather see "bodies pile up by the thousands" than impose a third national lockdown.

The British newspaper "Express" asked to participate in an opinion poll about whether the Prime Minister should resign from his post because of this recently disclosed statement.

Johnson strongly denied making this statement, describing it as "nonsense" .. But many newspapers and broadcasters stand by their sources and say that the Prime Minister made a comment about future closures during a fit of anger.

It is said that the alleged suspension took place last October, shortly after Johnson agreed to impose a second national lockdown .. And sources - not disclosed to the newspaper - said that the prime minister said: "No more closures - let the bodies pile up by the thousands."

The BBC and ITV reported separately from sources confirming that Johnson made the comments.

ITV political editor Robert Beston said two sources had so far supported the allegations.

He added, "I was told that he shouted at it in his office after he agreed to the second closure in a state of anger."

He went on, saying, “It was alleged that the doors of the cabinet room and the external office were open and it was assumed that a number of people heard .. I bother myself with repeating this assertion about what the prime minister said because my eyewitnesses - or perhaps I should say eyewitnesses - supported the Daily Mail account. Mine."

This comes as both Johnson and the press spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Residence at 10 Downing Street continue to deny the comments at all.

Asked if he had made this remark, the prime minister told broadcasters: "No, but again I think the important thing is that people want us to continue working and do it as a government in terms of ensuring that the closures work."

A spokesman for Johnson also said that the reported comments were false, adding: "This is not true and the prime minister denied this ... I am not aware of any other person making such a statement."

Cabinet ministers also met around the prime minister and denied that Johnson ever used such language.

"I was in the meeting that afternoon with the prime minister and the other ministers where we discussed what was happening with regard to the epidemic," said Minister Michael Gove. "We are dealing with one of the most serious decisions that this prime minister and any government will have to face," he added. People rightly indicated that tens of thousands of people are dying .. The Prime Minister made a decision at that meeting to enter a second lockdown, and later made a decision to implement a third lockdown .. This is the Prime Minister who was in the same hospital in intensive care “due to his COVID-19 infection - 19.

"The idea that he would say anything like that I find it unbelievable ... I was in that room, and never heard such a language," Goff said.

Defense Minister Ben Wallace also said that the reports on this matter were "untrue".

"We have to pay attention, this is not true, practically everyone categorically denied it ... We are now entering a kind of comedy of gossip - the sources are anonymous."

He concluded his remarks, saying, "None of this has really happened .. The prime minister was completely focused on responding, together with his colleagues in the cabinet, to confront Covid."