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British ambassador to Baghdad: Iraq will not be stabilized because of armed groups

The British ambassador to Iraq, Stephen Hickey, commented on the missile attacks that targeted the vicinity of Baghdad International Airport.

"I landed last night to be told," Hickey said in a tweet on Twitter, which was followed by Alsumaria News. "It is good that your flight is delayed." You just missed the missiles hit the airport. "

"Iraqis deserve to live and travel in peace. Iraq will not be stable and prosperous as long as these armed groups continue to operate freely outside the law to spread terror and destruction," he added.

Yesterday, Thursday, Al-Amin Media Cell said, "3 missiles fell on the vicinity of Baghdad International Airport out of 8 missiles. The first missile fell near Al-Karkh Central Prison, the second near the Anti-Terrorism Service Academy in an empty square, and the third near the headquarters of one of the Rapid Intervention Regiments."