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Algeria buys additional quantities of corona vaccines within 48 hours

Abdel-Rahman bin Bouzid, the Algerian Minister of Health, said that within the next 48 hours, his country will receive a number of anti-Coronavirus vaccines, especially Russian and Chinese vaccines, to continue the process of vaccinating citizens in hospitals and clinics.


Bin Bouzid said, in statements to him today, that a number of Russian and Chinese vaccines will be received within two days, which will be distributed to hospitals and clinics to vaccinate citizens, and he refused to disclose the amount that will be received, explaining that the whole world is going through a difficult phase, noting that even the countries that produce The vaccine has a shortage of it for its own citizens.

He pointed out that Algeria has taken several measures since the beginning of the epidemic, with the countries producing the vaccine and contracting with them, and sometimes they have paid for it, but they have not received the doses yet.


On the recent increase in the number of infected people and deaths, and about the possibility of a "third wave" of the epidemic, Ben Bouzid stressed the need to adhere to preventive measures, especially wearing masks and physical distancing, because vaccination is not the only solution.

The Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune had issued a presidential decree allocating an amount of more than 12 billion dinars for the acquisition of anti-corona vaccines.