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A slight rise in oil prices ... and Brent crude, registering 65.77 dollars a barrel

Today, Friday 04/23-2021, oil prices witnessed a slight increase, as Brent crude recorded 65.77 dollars a barrel compared to 65.1 dollars a barrel in yesterday's prices, according to the futures contracts.


US West Texas Intermediate crude prices increased to $ 61.89 a barrel, compared to $ 61.05 a barrel, while OPEC crude oil recorded $ 64.02 per barrel, compared to $ 65.35 a barrel.


This recovery comes in light of the recovery of the US and Chinese economies, as confirmed by international reports.


Oil prices had achieved weekly gains at the end of the trading sessions in the futures markets, Friday, as Brent crude contracts rose by 6.1% compared to the end of the previous week, and US West Texas Intermediate crude contracts rose by 6.4%.