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What is the MCH analysis and how does it relate to the Coronavirus and other diseases?

The results of the tests, which were recently called the term "tests to detect infection with corona", give important indicators to the patient that may make him not have to take the swab, which is more expensive compared to other tests, and among the important tests that give you an indication of whether or not you will be infected with the virus is to conduct the MCH analysis that is obtained Within the complete blood count analysis.

According to a report published on the Healthline website, the MCH analysis indicates the average mass of hemoglobin fractions through red blood cells, which ranges from 26 to 33 pg, and when an increase or decrease in that percentage occurs, it gives an indication of a disturbance in the amount of iron in the blood, which is It predicts many diseases.

There are some pathological symptoms that give you an indication of the occurrence of a disorder in the analysis of MCH, which is the feeling of dizziness and dizziness, especially when exercising sudden exertion, in addition to the incidence of severe chest attacks, and osteoporosis and kidney function deficiency as well.

Among the most prominent complications resulting from a disorder in the mass of hemoglobin molecules inside the body is the occurrence of vascular disorders, which result in high pressure attacks, which result in heart and stroke.

And when any disturbance occurs in the normal level of the MCH analysis, it may give an indication of the possibility of infection with the Coronavirus, and an increase in the result of the MCH test may be an indicator of viral infection, cancer, liver disease, and hyperthyroidism.

While the decrease in the normal ratio in the MCH analysis is an indication of your anemia, anemia, a lack of some vitamins, and its symptoms are pale skin and cold feet and hands.

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