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What is L-Carnitine and what is its role in fighting heart disease and improving body health?

Carnitine plays an important role inside the body, as it is a substance similar to amino acids and vitamins, and it is an amino acid that is produced naturally in the body, and helps convert fats into energy, in addition to getting rid of some waste from the body to prevent its accumulation, according to a report published on the Medicine website .

Carnitine performs many important functions within the body:

1- It protects against cardiovascular disease:

Its presence at normal levels inside the body protects from complications of diphtheria, heart attacks, heart disease and leg pain caused by problems with blood circulation (intermittent claudication), and treats reduced blood circulation in the arms and legs.

2. Improving immune function:

It improves immune function especially in people with HIV / AIDS and people who have had heart attacks as well.

3. Protection from dry eyes:

Carnitine may be used to protect against dry eyes.

4. Treats the pain of cancer patients:

Some cancer patients have low blood levels of L-Carnitine, which may reduce energy and lead to fatigue, as some early research suggests that taking it might improve the physical manifestations of fatigue in cancer patients.

5. It protects against diabetes and kidney disease.

Helps protect against diabetes and kidney disease.

6. It protects against hyperthyroidism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism.

It helps protect against hyperthyroidism and attention deficit disorder