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Report: Finalization of the final version of the Egypt Vision 2030 update

A government report recently revealed that the Sustainable Development Unit responsible for updating Egypt Vision 2030 is about to finalize the drafting of the final version of the Egypt Vision 2030 update.


The report stated that 28 working groups were formed in the field of sustainable development in all ministries, 60 workshops were held with various ministries and agencies, and 28 sectoral working papers were developed, in addition to identifying economic, social and environmental gaps in the first issuance and drafting working papers to bridge those gaps, and compiling the updated strategy.


The report emphasized that updating Egypt Vision 2030, in line with the developments witnessed in Egypt, after the success of the economic reform program that began in 2016, and the changes that the world is witnessing as a result of the Corona pandemic.


The report indicated that academic research and studies were prepared, in addition to seeking the assistance of specialized experts, during the past year to develop an integrated vision to update the vision to bridge the development gaps in it, and to put a realistic vision of its goals and the means to achieve these goals and indicators to measure the extent to which all targets and indicators have been objectively and effectively achieved.


The report indicated that in January 2018, the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development started updating the sustainable development strategy as a result of several main reasons, and it was the repercussions of the Corona pandemic and the variables that included all aspects of life that required a review of the strategy and its component, and a review of its updated version.


The report emphasized Egypt's keenness to localize the sustainable development goals, and the Ministry of Planning, in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund, prepared reports on the localization of the sustainable development goals at the level of all governorates of the Republic.


The first version of Egypt Vision 2030 was developed in 2015, and during this period many variables occurred, both at the international and local levels, which questioned the updating of the vision in line with the changes, on top of which was the population increase and water scarcity, which resulted in many economic and social problems. It is necessary to direct investments and projects to overcome water scarcity and create alternative sources.

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