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Kenya Airways to resume weekly direct cargo flights to India

Kenya Airways has announced that it has resumed its weekly direct cargo flights to the Indian capital, New Delhi.

The company said, in a statement, that the first cargo plane from New Delhi landed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at the end of last February, with a shipment of 33 tons of medicines, equipment and goods from India.

The company said the weekly flights would help support the Kenyan and intra-African export market and provide a lifeline for many businessmen who depend on foreign markets.

Kenya Airways freight forwarder Dick Morianky said the company has rushed to increase freight services to try to meet the growing needs of air freight across the African continent, and that it will connect a number of international markets to help maintain essential supplies.

He added, "The resumption of direct weekly cargo flights from Nairobi to New Delhi is an indication of the integrative role the company is playing in providing logistical solutions to its customers."

Kenya Airways indicated that it continues to diversify its services and meet the growing demand for shipping across the world.