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Tongue cleaning methods .. Use the toothbrush to kill bacteria

Cleaning the teeth morning and evening is very necessary to maintain their health and protect them from harmful bacteria in the mouth, but it is also important to clean the tongue because it is part of the mouth and its cleanliness is necessary with the teeth to maintain oral health in general, but the question remains here how can we clean the tongue and take care of it, according to It was mentioned by express.

Doctors recommend not neglecting the tongue because it is a great target for bacteria, so it is important to clean it daily, especially as there are cracks and ridges all over the tongue and therefore it is easy for bacteria to hide in these areas if they are not removed, as these bacteria in the tongue may cause bad breath. And even tooth damage.

How do you clean your tongue?

You do not need any specialized equipment to clean your tongue, just all you need is a toothbrush, as add a small amount of toothpaste to the brush and start from the back of your tongue to the front with the need to press gently and keep the brush moving back and forth, and there are some people who use tongue scraper from the back Also, forward and from different angles and repeat this to clean the tongue, and then rinse your mouth well with water, and you can also use mouthwash afterwards.

How do you check to clean your tongue?

When you finish cleaning your tongue from the bacteria and dirt stuck to it, the color of the tongue will change back to its natural pink color, and if you do not get the required hygiene, you can consult your dentist to get the necessary advice for this, with the importance of not over-cleaning your tongue because this may cause some problems such as Bleeding