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The President of Competition Protection proposes to establish a joint Arab platform between the counterpart agencies

Dr. Mahmoud Mumtaz - Head of the Authority for the Protection of Competition and the Prevention of Monopolistic Practices, received a delegation from the League of Arab States headed by the Minister Plenipotentiary Dr. Bahjat Abu Al-Nasr - Director of the Department of Arab Economic Integration at the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States, at the headquarters of the Agency in the Smart Village.


The meeting came to discuss aspects of cooperation and coordination between competition agencies in Arab countries, as Dr. Mahmoud Mumtaz emphasized the agency’s keenness to exchange information and experiences with all member states, presenting the Egyptian experience in the field of competition and sharing the acquired experiences of the agency’s workers with members of the counterpart competition agencies.


Dr. Mahmoud Mumtaz reviewed the nature of the agency’s work and its role in law enforcement, expressing opinions on legislation, policies and decisions issued by government agencies, and raising awareness by spreading and promoting the culture of competition, proposing the establishment of a unified work platform that brings together competition agencies in the Arab region to publish and make available materials on competition policies, and exchange And the transfer of expertise and experiences between member states, holding seminars, conferences and joint training programs, indicating that some Arab countries have accomplished a lot in this file and have excelled in facing monopolistic practices in some sectors, and therefore integration and exchange of information and experiences between those countries has become important.


For his part, Dr. Bahjat Abu Al-Nasr expressed his sincere thanks and gratitude for hosting him and the accompanying delegation at the headquarters of the agency, stressing his keenness on the strong and effective presence of Egypt in the work system within the economic sector in the Arab League in general, and the management of Arab economic integration and the competition file in particular for its leadership in This field at the level of the countries of the Arab region.

Abu Al-Nasr pointed out that monopolistic practices may constitute an obstacle to achieving economic growth, liberalization of trade and the efficiency of the economies of Arab countries, and for this reason the Department of Economic Integration seeks to coordinate and work on convergence between regulations, legislation and policies related to competition and the prevention of monopolistic practices among Arab countries. The Arab Competition Guidance Law "as a draft of it was drawn up as a result of the meetings of the expert group in the field of competition and monopolies monitoring in Arab countries to guide those countries in developing or amending their competition laws.


At the end of the meeting, it was agreed to work to develop a preliminary conception of the form of cooperation and to address issues related to competition and confront monopolistic practices in Arab countries, and to create a legal framework to develop binding policies for all competition agencies to confront any monopolistic practices, especially across borders.

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