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The Medical Committee in Jabalia notifies Al-Tale'aa 'of the negative corona smear before confronting Smouha

The Medical Committee of the Football Association notified the administrative apparatus of the Al-Jaysh Vanguards Club of the negative scanning of the Corona for the entire team in preparation for facing Smouha, and the technical staff of the Army Vanguards is studying Smouha matches to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the Alexandrian team before meeting it on Friday afternoon at the Military Sports Authority Stadium in the thirteenth round For the Premier League competition, the Talaia Al-Jaish team misses the efforts of its player Ahmed Samir in the face of Smouha after receiving the third warning against Pyramids, which the team lost with a goal without a response in the twelfth round of the General League competition, and Ahmed Samir was the only top scorer in the Egyptian League with 6 goals, including 5 Goals from penalty kicks.

In the face of Smouha, Al-Talaa 'regains the efforts of his defender on the elephant who was absent from the Pyramids match after obtaining the third warning in the Arab Contractors match, which ended in a positive tie with a goal for each team, and the Talaia Al-Jaish team misses the efforts of Mohamed Nasif, the left-back in the next Smouha match, after being expelled in the Pyramids match. .

Earlier, Ahmed Samir, the top scorer of the league, confirmed that the tie with the Arab Contractors was a good result, especially as it was a difficult meeting, in light of the sale of more than one player from the wolves, but the point that the pioneers scored will differentiate with the team in what is coming in the league competition, and the pioneers will cove The best level during the coming period.

In statements to Ontime Sports 2, the player said that he scored 6 goals so far this season, leading the league’s top scorer, but none of them scored against Zamalek, compared to the past two seasons, as he scored 5 goals in the white team, including one against Mohamed Awad. , And 4 goals against Mahmoud Jensh, and the player added: "Zamalek left the cup and wasted the League Championship in the past two seasons."

Ahmed Samir indicated that Zamalek dispensed with a board decision and did not give him enough time to present his best technical capabilities, saying: "They were not patient with me and I was playing left back, and this is a decentralized position, so I play in front of the 18th district."

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