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The engineering room: it takes two years to implement the new safety standard for the stove

The Chamber of Engineering Industries confirmed that the application of the new standard specifications (1-1-164 / 2017) for a free stand cooker requires a period of not less than two years, especially since its technology does not exist in Egypt at present.

Eng. Yusra Qutb, a member of the Engineering Chamber in the Federation of Industries, said that the application of the new standard for converting cookers produced in Egypt to a complete safety system, whether for eyes or oven, requires at least two years and requires attracting new technology that is not currently available in Egypt, and the standard can only be implemented after attracting new investments. By setting up factories with European technology to supply the factories with their needs to implement this standard.


Qutb added to "The Seventh Day" that there are more than 30 factories for the production of butane in Egypt, of which only 3 can switch to full safety technology, indicating that the transition to full safety technology requires importing inputs at very high prices, most of them from European countries, indicating That one of the countries, when it decided to switch to full safety technology, worked to attract 4 factories from Europe as a comprehensive investment to provide the needs of local factories, and for that it granted European investors great advantages, whether with tax incentives, free lands to establish factories and other incentives, and these factories now provide the needs of the mentioned state Of the inputs and raw materials of the butane production with complete safety.