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Signs that lead the body to detect and treat its health problems

The body reveals its secrets and health problems whenever it feels pain, confirming the famous wisdom that says that the human body has a special kind of intelligence, when it sends certain signals confirming that the body suffers from a health problem.

When you feel a constant headache, you go to the doctor and discover that you suffer from problems in the cervical vertebrae, and there are actions that we do daily that cause serious problems, including wrong sitting, looking at the phone while walking

And Brightside published a report monitoring some of the actions that lead to problems in the body and how to treat them

Sitting in the wrong position in front of the computer:

Most of the work currently needs to spend a long time in front of the computer because of office work or study, and often we all sit with a curved back and a tight shoulder ... all of which leads to suffering from back pain and neck with the shoulders, this condition makes the neck in a tight state for hours. This can be overcome by making your shoulders relaxed and your back completely resting on the chair, and you should not make your feet hanging in the air ... Make sure to make your computer screen or laptop at the same level as you see so as not to make your neck in an uneven position comfortable.

Bend the noon when removing things from the ground:

When you pick up something heavy from the ground without training in the correct position for this picking up, this wrong movement may lead to serious injuries to the vertebrae, in addition to that, one of the most important factors that you must take into account is that you always take care not to bend your back or your waist when You make any great effort. And the correct way to lift things is to extend your feet and bend your knees as if you are going to squat, and tighten your stomach muscles, when you grab the thing that you are going to lift, make it as close to your body as possible, while keeping your back straight, this method will protect you from sprains due to lifting things Heavy.

Carrying a backpack on one shoulder:

When you carry your backpack on one shoulder, your body focuses on the balance of the thing carried on the trunk from this side only, so this act may cause sprains and pain in the neck, especially if what we are carrying is a heavy weight, or if we do not exchange the load between the shoulders from Time to time. And exchange the load between your shoulders continuously, if you carry a backpack, you should put heavy things at the bottom of the bag and lighter things on top.

Looking at the phone while walking:

It has become a habit for many people to focus their eyes on the phone while walking, whether at home or in the street,

Due to the lack of attention to the road in which he is walking, if you see yourself walking in this position, you will notice a bending of the back and neck, and the increase in time in this position may expose the spine to wear and tear, which in turn causes loss of balance and joint pain

As for how to maintain a proper posture, you must do some exercises that strengthen the back and stomach muscles ... Also maintaining a healthy weight is the key to avoiding back problems, try to avoid wearing high-heeled and uncomfortable shoes, and always make sure to make every Objects that you look at or use at a height that matches your height and eyesight.

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