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Roters: A single dose of Johnson's vaccine is effective in facing severe cases of Corona

Johnson's vaccine received a license from the United States on Saturday and will begin administering it to Americans within days. Is Johnson's vaccine effective like the other two vaccines?

The vaccines Pfizer and Moderna, Pfizer / BioNTech, and Moderna, which use the new messenger RNA technology, have shown approximately 95% effectiveness in preventing the Corona virus in large trials, while Johnson has shown an effectiveness of about 66%, according to Reuters.

However, the trials had important differences, making the comparison difficult, as Pfizer, Pfizer and Moderna focused on efficacy against mild to moderate disease, while Johnson's trial looked for efficacy against moderate to severe.

Johnson's trial was later conducted and involved large numbers of participants in areas where new types of highly transmissible virus are common, which could subject the vaccine to a more rigorous test.

Most importantly, Johnson's vaccine was nearly as effective against severe disease and hospitalization as other vaccines, and like other vaccines, it was 100% effective in preventing coronavirus-related death in the trial.

All three vaccines have a similar set of short-term side effects, including fatigue, aches, injection site soreness, nausea and fever, and most of them are mild to moderate.

If the Johnson vaccine is less effective, why should I get it?

The Johnson vaccine is a single injection, both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require two injections with a difference of three or four weeks. The Johnson vaccine is very effective in preventing vulnerable people from contracting severe disease or dying from the Corona virus, as well as providing protection against mild cases. .

"These vaccines are the way to get your life back," said Amish Adalja, a senior researcher at the Johns Hopkins Center. "These are vaccines that you should not hesitate to get when they are offered."

He added, Johnson's coronavirus vaccine is one of the few vaccines that have been tested in clinical trials against the worrisome virus variant that was first discovered in South Africa, and has shown the ability to provide protection against severe disease and death even for those infected with this type. And Moderna is only testing their vaccines against the variant in the laboratory and they think they will remain protective.

Do I have a choice of a vaccine?

Experts say, vaccine supplies in the next two months will be extremely scarce for healthcare providers to provide an option.Most vaccination sites will only receive one of the three vaccines at any time.Patients who prefer a particular vaccine can ask their healthcare providers what vaccine they have available.

 Later in the year, greater availability of vaccines may lead to more patient options, but health experts strongly advise taking whatever vaccine you can get.

How many doses of Johnson's vaccine will be available?

Johnson said it expects to ship nearly 4 million doses in the first week, and shipments could begin as late as Sunday or as early as Monday, with a total of 20 million doses expected by the end of March and up to 100 million doses by the middle of the year.

The federal government, through distributor McKesson Corp, will ship Johnson's doses to states and territories across the United States, and will also deliver them to select pharmacies and community health centers to ensure they reach populations in need.

The report said that the United States is on the right track to receive 240 million doses by the end of March, which is sufficient to fully vaccinate 130 million Americans, and drugmakers have agreed to send 700 million doses of their vaccines by the end of July, which is more than enough to vaccinate all Americans.

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