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Libyan blocs call for agreement on a constitutional basis for holding elections in the country

A number of Libyan political parties and blocs thanked the head and members of the United Nations mission for their efforts in converging views between the Libyan brothers, which contributed to reaching, through the Forum for Political Dialogue, an agreement on a new executive authority, and they praised the role of the members of the forum who managed to create a ground Consensus after a great effort during the last period.

Libyan political parties and blocs expressed their hope that this forum and the committees emanating from it, such as the legal committee, would complete the rest of the tasks entrusted to them, including agreeing on the constitutional basis and the laws according to which direct parliamentary and presidential elections will be held, and work to implement the outputs of the work of the 5 + 5 committee and emphasize the importance of The necessity for the exit of all foreign forces and mercenaries from the country.

In a joint statement, the Libyan blocs reminded all political and social Libyan parties of the importance of adhering to the date set for the holding of the agreed-upon elections, and intensifying efforts to overcome all obstacles that may face the electoral process, calling on the international community and the United Nations mission to shoulder their responsibilities towards providing security, political and legal guarantees for holding elections. And the issuance of a UN resolution obliging all the intertwined Libyan and international parties in the Libyan affair not to obstruct or threaten the electoral process.

She stressed that the next government should focus on unifying the sovereign and executive institutions and creating an inclusive platform for the Libyans to facilitate the way for the electoral process at the specified date, and on top of these tasks is to ensure a relatively stable security situation that allows space for fair electoral competition in front of all segments of society, which paves the way for the handover of power. Smoothly for the next government emerging from an elected legislative institution, pointing out that carrying out these tasks will only come through a mini-crisis government based on national competencies and a clear work program to implement the priorities of the executive authority according to the agreed road map.

The Libyan blocs expressed their hope that the municipalities would be granted broader service powers to reduce the centralization in the structure of the state, in a way that guarantees citizens' enjoyment of basic services, and alleviates the daily crises that afflict our great people, provided that the government devotes itself to the sovereign sectors and works to remove obstacles to state building.

The blocs, namely (the Civil Democratic Bloc - the Libyan National Movement - the National Forces Alliance - the Libya Revival Bloc - the Center Youth Movement) stated that preserving the Libyan consensus path is no less important than making it and that the next stage needs a greater concession between us so that we can get the country out of its ordeal. .

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