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How cystic fibrosis patients respond to corona

So far, based on clinical data, cystic fibrosis (CF) patients do not appear to be particularly susceptible to corona, and when they become infected, they do not seem to become sicker. A doctor and scientist in the department of pulmonary medicine at Boston Children's Hospital said: “We know that it is When cystic fibrosis patients contracted the H1N1 influenza virus, some of them became very ill.

Based on the experience with the H1N1 virus and other infections according to the "medical" website report, doctors suspect that patients with cystic fibrosis may have a different sensitivity, a disorganized immune response to the Corona virus, or both.

Using patients' blood cells, stem cell technology and gene-editing technology, the team at Boston University designed an airway liner that produces cystic fibrosis in a dish, and tested what happens when they expose it to the coronavirus, for comparison, they also test the virus in a companion model, where a defect was corrected. Cystic fibrosis is hereditary.

The team explains: "We did this to create a clean experiment, and we corrected the cystic fibrosis mutation, but other than that, cells come from the same patient with the same genetic background, to make sure that any marked difference in the response to the virus is due to a defect in cystic fibrosis."

So far, researchers have shown that cells in a typical airway can be infected with the Coronavirus and can be used to evaluate antiviral drug responses.

Researchers believe, this airway could be an alternative to modeling the effects of corona in cystic fibrosis patients and testing a patient's personal response to antiviral treatments.

In future research, the researchers hope to compare responses to the virus - and the drugs used to treat it - in the typical cystic fibrosis airways versus "non-cystic fibrosis" genetically corrected airways.

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