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Fergani Sassi offers to bear the costs of treating the injured Mahalla player

Essam Salem, the official spokesperson for Zamalek club, revealed that Ferjani Sassi, the team's player, is keen to check on Mohamed Sami, the player of the Ghazl El Mahalla team, who was injured during the two teams' match after Sassi's interference with him.

Salem added, in statements to Ontime, which is broadcast on On Time Sports 2, that when Sassi learned that the player was suffering from a suspected concussion, he offered to bear the costs of his treatment until he returns to his senses, and when Muhammad Al Hanafi declared the match referee the red card of the Tunisian player, Sassy did not pay any attention to this, as much as he cared about reassuring the safety of the local player.

Mohamed Sami, the player of Ghazl El Mahalla, was injured in his team's match against Zamalek in the eleventh round of the League competition, after Ferjani Sassi interfered with the foot in the face of the player above the eyebrow, which led to a slight concussion in the head.

On the performance of Zamalek in the Mahalla match, Salem said that the team will benefit from the mistakes made in the match, in the upcoming confrontations.

Zamalek lost two goals to Mahalla in the 11th round of the league matches, as Zamalek advanced with a clean goal scored by Ferjani Sassi in the 69th minute of the match, and Abdo Yahya, the Mahalla player, tied in the 76th minute of the match, and Al-Akhmimi snatched the winning goal in the 95th minute.

The defeat froze the balance of Zamalek at point 23 out of 10 games that it temporarily occupies the top of the league, while Al-Mahalla's balance rose to point 11 in the 10th place in the table.

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