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Did you know that the golden girl of tennis Mayar Sharif has won 11 matches in a row?

Mayar Sherif, the Egyptian tennis player, succeeded in engraving her name in the minds of the Egyptian fans and the whole world who watched this sport in golden letters, in light of her continuing achievements, as she had previously succeeded in winning 11 consecutive matches.

Mayar Sharif achieved a historic achievement for Egyptian tennis, after winning 11 consecutive matches, as she won 3 matches in the Australian Open qualifiers, and before that she succeeded in defeating Polish 130th world ranked Katarzina Kawa in the final of the Charleston International Tennis Championship in America to write a new history of Egyptian tennis in America and then beating world No. 164 on the Japanese Mizaki Dua, ranked 86th in the world semi-final, and Belgian-Romanian Gabriela Talaba 2-1 (3-6, 6-3, 6-1) in the quarter-finals of the Charleston Championship International tennis of America.

Mayar Sherif, the Egyptian tennis player, succeeded in climbing to the second round of the Australian Open tennis championship, after defeating French player Chloe Paquet 2/0 during the first round match, and the second group, which ended with Mayar 7/5 victory in the top excitement and rivalry between the two players, until a tie 4/4, then 5/5, after the end of the tenth period, until the Egyptian national team player broke her French opponent's service to win in the sixth game, to control the group, win and settle the match in her favor.

Thus, Mayar Sharif is the first Egyptian to win the first round of the Australian Open, and the first Egyptian in history to win a Grand Slam tennis tournament in the main round.

Mayar Sharif is considered the first Egyptian player in the history of Egyptian tennis to reach the main round of the major tennis tournaments, which is the Roland Garros tournament, and before that she was the first Egyptian player to win a match in the same tournament, in addition to her success in qualifying for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, to be the first Egyptian player. Qualify for the Olympiad in the history of the game.

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