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British scientist: Rapidly lifting the lockdown threatens disaster ... Johnson: We will be careful

Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, stressed that he would take a "cautious and prudent approach" to ease the restrictions of the closure, indicating that bars and restaurants will be among the last to be lifted this time, according to the British newspaper "The Independent".

Angela MacLean, a member of the government's Sage Scientific Advisory Group, said lifting the lockdown "too quickly" would risk a "catastrophe".

This coincides with Boris Johnson's call to focus on "data, not just dates" and not "prematurely" easing restrictions.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom announced that it had launched the first study in the world to include exposing people to infection with the Coronavirus. The trial will begin in the next few weeks and will include 90 participants between the ages of 18 and 30.

The head of the Vaccine Task Force also said that every adult in the UK should receive both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine by August.

The British newspaper "Daily Mail" revealed that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is currently studying plans to end the general lockdown in the country due to the Corona virus gradually in several stages, which may involve ending the closure and reopening all activities in the country by July .

The British newspaper stated - in the context of a report reported on its website today, Wednesday, that Johnson intends to gradually ease the closure measures, provided that bars and restaurants will reopen next May, and hotels and local holiday places will fully reopen in July.

It is worth noting that the British Prime Minister, who is expected to officially announce his plan on February 22 that will determine the path out of the general lockdown in the country, said the day before Monday: “We have to be very careful about ending the closure, as we want to see progress accompanied by With caution regarding confronting the epidemic, so that ending the lockdown will be permanent and irreversible. "

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